Which CISRS Course is Right For Me?

With so many CISRS training courses available, it can often be overwhelming for individuals looking to enter or move up in the construction and scaffolding industry. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “which CISRS course is right for me?” then luckily you’re in the right place!

As one of the UK’s leading scaffolding training providers, we know a thing or two about CISRS courses. So, to help you navigate your way through the maze, we’ve put together a handy guide on each course, the requirements you need in order to take the course, and the card/certification you receive upon its completion.

CISRS Courses & Their Requirements

Let’s explore the range of CISRS courses that we offer here at Safety & Access, along with their requirements, who they’re designed for and what you’ll receive upon completion. With this information, you should be fully equipped with everything you need to determine which CISRS course is right for you!

CISRS Trainee/Scaffolder Labourer Course (COTS)

This is an entry-level, 1-day training course designed for those that are completely new to scaffolding. The CISRS Trainee/Scaffolder Labour Course is perfect for those with no prior knowledge or experience of scaffolding, as it covers the basics of the industry and the essentials you need to know in order to work safely with scaffolding and/or access equipment. Upon completion of this course, you’ll receive a certificate to say you’ve successfully completed the CISRS Operatives Training Scheme. A pass on this course is a requirement for a green CISRS Card. To renew your CISRS Scaffolding Labourer Card every five years, you’ll need to complete this course again.

CISRS Scaffolding Course – Part 1 – Tube & Fitting

The CISRS Scaffolding Tube & Fitting Part 1 Course is a 10-day course covering the core skills of scaffolding including how to safely erect, alter, and dismantle basic scaffolding structures. It’s designed for people who have held a Scaffolder Labourer Card for at least six months. Upon completion of this course, you’ll receive a Training Certificate that you’ll need to meet the requirements for Part 2 of this course. You can also apply for a red Trainee Scaffolder Card if you’ve passed the HS&E test.

CISRS Scaffolding Course – Part 2 – Tube & Fitting

The CISRS Scaffolding Tube & Fitting Part 2 Course, as expected, is the follow-up course to Part 1. Just like Part 1, this course also has a duration of 10 days. Once you’ve successfully completed the course you will receive a CISRS Scaffolding Part 2 Certificate that will be required as proof for your Skills Test – but don’t worry, we’ll get to that! In order to take part in this training course, you must have completed Part 1 and have spent at least six months gaining experience on-site since passing Part 1 too. 

CISRS 1 Day Skills Test

Designed to verify the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired from previous courses, the CISRS 1 Day Skills Test is the final thing you’ll need in order to apply for your blue Scaffolder Card. In order to apply for this assessment, you must have successfully completed the Scaffolding Part 1 & Part 2 courses, have at least six months of site experience under your belt and hold an NVQ/SVQ Level 2 qualification. 

CISRS Advanced Scaffolder

Once you’ve completed the Skills Test and received your blue Scaffolder Card, the road doesn’t end there! You can continue along your career path, working your way up in the scaffolding industry by completing our CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Course. Though you must have held your Scaffolder Card for at least a year in order to qualify for this course. Upon completion, you’ll receive a Training Certificate – a requirement for the 2-Day Skills Test, and you’ll also be registered for your NVQ Level 3.

CISRS 2-Day Skills Test

Similar to the 1-Day Skills Test, the CISRS 2-Day Skills Test is designed to test your scaffolding knowledge and skills, but it takes place over 2 days instead and is more advanced. In order to apply for this skills test, you must have worked on-site for at least six months since passing the Advanced Scaffolding course and you must hold an NVQ/SVQ Level 3 in Access & Rigging Operations. Upon completing the 2-Day Skills Test you can then apply for an Advanced Scaffolding Card. 

CISRS CPD – Continuous Professional Development Refresher

The CISRS CPD Refresher is a 2-day course designed for those that hold a Scaffolder or an Advanced Scaffolder Card that are due for their renewal. In order to apply for this course, your CISRS Card must have expired or be within 6 months of the expiry date written on the card.

CISRS BSI – Basic Scaffold Inspection

The 3-day CISRS BSI Course is available for anyone who currently holds a CISRWS Scaffolder, Advanced Scaffolder, or Supervisor Card who’s looking to further their career path and delve into the inspection side of the industry. Once the course is completed, you’ll receive a Basic Scaffold Inspection Card.

CISRS ASI – Advanced Scaffold Inspection

As the name suggests, the CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Course centres around advanced, more complex scaffolding structures and is another step up from the BSI course. To apply for this 2-day course, you must have held your Basic Scaffold Inspection Card for a minimum of 2 years or you’re a qualified CISRS Scaffolder or Advanced Scaffolder. 

CISRS Supervisor

The CISRS Supervisor course is available for Scaffolder and Advanced Scaffolder Card holders and Construction Managers who need to manage scaffolding operations on-site. Upon completing this 5-day course, you’ll receive a certificate and you can then apply for your CISRS Supervisor Card. In order to apply for this course, you must have passed the CITB HS&E Supervisor’s Test within the previous 23 months. 

CISRS Supervisor Refresher

The 2-day CISRS Supervisor Refresher Course is simply a course for existing scaffolding supervisors who need to renew their CISRS Card after five years.  

CISRS System Scaffolding Product Training

The 2-day CISRS System Scaffolding Product Training Course covers relevant systems like Plettac Metrix, Kwikstage, Cuplok, HAKI, Layher, At-Pac and more. It’s designed for people who already hold a CISRS Scaffolder or Trainee Scaffolder Card, and have also completed the Scaffolding Part 1 course. Once completed, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance and training that you can put on your CV and show to employers.

CISRS Scaffolding Awareness

Created for those with little to no scaffolding experience who may have to use, arrange, organise or control scaffolding operations on-site; the 1-day Scaffolding Awareness course only requires some prior knowledge of scaffolding. 

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