Use of Gin Wheels

When using and installing gin wheels they must:

• Have been inspected within the last 6 months and have clear identification
• They are in good condition and run freely with no visible signs of corrosion
• The edge of wheel is free from any sharp edge that could damage the rope
• The tube support that will support wheel is fixed using two standards with a ledger brace the extension must not exceed 750mm( 2’ 6’’) beyond outer support point
• Always use load bearing fittings to build frame
• 18mm rope in good condition that fits snuggly in wheel to be used
• A maximum safe working load of 50kg must not be exceeded
• Where gin wheel is located scaffold must be free of any projections that may cause snagging
• Access to landing area below must be cordoned off with stand by person
• A full risk assessment must be carried out prior to carrying out this operation
• Operatives must wear gloves appropriate for task, hard hats and boots
• Extra care must be taken when using gin wheel during windy conditions
• All materials must be securely tied by a competent person

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