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What scaffold courses are available and what do they provide?

Scaffolding Training and Scaffold Inspection

Scaffolding training and assessment courses are for those working with scaffolding, including scaffolders, inspectors, scaffolding supervisors and managers. Scaffold courses are designed to ensure all candidates understand the legislation surrounding their role as well as all relevant health and safety. We offer a wide portfolio of scaffolding courses including scaffold awareness and scaffold inspection training courses  and courses accredited under the CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme). Our courses are led by experienced industry professionals who are experts in their field, ensuring that you receive the highest quality training.

CISRS Course – Scaffolding Training Available

Scaffolding training courses include a number of CISRS Card (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) approved courses, a mark of quality and recognition in the industry. These courses are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your role, and the CISRS accreditation is a testament to their credibility and effectiveness.

CISRS 1 Day (COTS) – The CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS) course is a one-day course and is a requirement for anyone wishing to apply for their first CISRS Scaffolding Trainee card or Scaffolding labourer card for those who carry out onsite labouring or driving duties in support of scaffolding operations. It is also a requirement for CISRS Scaffolding labourer card renewals. It teaches the basics of the industry and how to keep safe when working with scaffolding and access systems, whilst also making sure existing operatives are up to date. To qualify for this course delegates must have successfully completed a CITB Health and Safety and Environment touch-screen test within 2 years prior to attending the CISRS COTS course, or demonstrate that they have successfully completed a course that gives a recognised exemption. CISRS Cards for Scaffolding Labourer are valid for 5 years.

CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Part 1 course – This scaffolding course is a 10-day course for candidates who are working towards a scaffolder CISRS trainee card and an NVQ Level 2. Attendees must have a minimum of 6 months working in the scaffolding industry and hold a valid CISRS Trainee Scaffolder or Labourer card. They will need to complete both Part 1 & Part 2, the CISRS Skills test, NVQ Level 2 and the H&S test before they are considered to no longer be a trainee. Successful candidates of this Part 1 course will move forward to Part 2 and receive the CISRS training certificate. A CISRS Trainee or CISRS Labourer Card must be held for 6 months before a trainee can attend Part 1 training.

CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Part 2 course – The Part 2 trainee scaffold training course is a 10-day course and can only be taken once Part 1 has been successfully completed by candidates who are working towards a scaffolder basic CISRS card and an NVQ Level 2. Successful completion of both parts will result in achievement of the CISRS training certificate. This course will further enhance your practical skills and theoretical knowledge in scaffolding, preparing you for more complex tasks and responsibilities in the industry.

CISRS Advanced Scaffolder course – The Advanced Scaffolder trainee scaffold training course is a 10-day course, and attendees must hold a CISRS Scaffolder card for at least 12 months before attending the course. A CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card Holder is deemed competent to lead a scaffold gang in a wide range of scaffolding operations.

CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training (Basic SITS) – These 3-day scaffold courses are for supervisors and managers who have responsibilities for inspecting, recording and signing off scaffold structures in accordance with statutory regulations and the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Successful scaffold inspection training candidates will receive the CISRS Certificate of training upon successful completion and the course is essential to obtaining the CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection card. To qualify for this courses delegates must hold a current CISRS Scaffolder, Advanced or Supervisor Card. This course is also applicable to delegates holding a current or expired CISRS Basic Inspection card and who wish to attend the course in order to renew their card. The CISRS accreditation of this course ensures its quality and industry recognition, enhancing your professional credibility in the field.

CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) – This 2-day scaffolding inspection course is designed for those who are responsible for inspecting complex scaffolds. Successful advanced scaffold inspection training candidates will receive the CISRS Advanced Scaffolding Inspection Training Scheme certificate and will be able to then apply for the CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection card. Delegates must have held a CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Record Card for a minimum of 2 years to be eligible to attend this course.

CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor – This 5-day scaffolding course is aimed at construction managers and supervisors managing scaffolding operations as part of their role. Attendees who successfully complete this course can apply for their CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card. This comprehensive course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and supervise scaffolding operations, making you a valuable asset to any construction team.

CISRS CPD Refresher – This 2-day course is for existing CISRS Scaffolder and Advanced Scaffolder Card holders that require their 5-year renewal.

We’re proud to offer the full range of CISRS scaffold training courses and a range of our in house scaffold courses  at our specialist training facilities located across the UK, including London, Nottingham and Humberside.

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