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The Comprehensive guide to good practice for tube and fitting scaffolding has now arrived. The long awaited update to TG20:08 announced late in 2013 is now available and represents many new key steps in how to plan and manage technical aspects of tube and fitting scaffolding.
• The NASC’s new TG20:13 Technical Guidance offers good practice guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding.
• TG20:13 aims to raise awareness of good practice in scaffolding across the construction industry and drive up standards of scaffolding, and safety.
• The TG20:13 ‘Suite’ of guidance is supported by the UKCG, HSE and CITB.
• TG20:13 is underpinned by detailed structural research and is designed to conform with the European standard for scaffolding: BS EN 12811.
• TG20:13 provides guidance for independent scaffold structures, birdcages, loading bays, ladder-access and free-standing towers, and chimney scaffolds. It includes features such as bridges, protection fans, inside board brackets, cantilevered platforms and pavement lifts. Floor-level lifts and double

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