TG20:13 Awareness








A Comprehensive Guide to Good Practice in Tube and Fitting Scaffolding


Safety & Access have produced a comprehensive half day course for Clients, Principal Contractors and Scaffolding Contractors to enable their Managers, supervisors, charge hands and safety advisers to receive a fundamental understanding of scaffolding requirements and the safety and technical aspects of the new guidance.

The new course covers the following key aspects and includes:



  • Introduction
  • TG20 Complaint Scaffolding
  • TG20 Operational Guide
  • TG20 eGuide
  • TG20 User Guide
  • Key aspects of the guidance
  • Compliance Sheets
  • Work on Site
  • Practical eGuide demonstration and workshop.
  • Course overview and confirmation

The courses below are available at our CISRS Centres in the East Midlands and Humbersideside or on site. 

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