Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolders Five Year Card Renewal

Scaffold CPD

All about the Scaffolders CPD refresher training course

The Scaffolder CPD refresher training course was introduced in 2017 by CISRS, aiming to ensure that Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolders renew their cards every five years. This requirement stems from the recognition that scaffolding is a high-risk industry, but with proper adherence to protocols and updated knowledge, risks can be significantly mitigated.

The CPD refresher training course serves as a vital tool in providing Scaffolders with the latest legislation updates and guidance, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to work safely and effectively. This comprehensive course spans over a two-day duration, offering a deep dive into crucial industry insights.

To enrol in the CPD Refresher course, the sole prerequisite is holding either a Scaffolder card or an Advanced Scaffolder card, either expired or nearing expiration within the next six months. Additionally, participants do not need to have previously taken a Health and Safety test, as this component is integrated into the CPD Refresher course curriculum. However, successful completion of the Health, Safety, and Behavioural test during the course is mandatory. Failure to pass this test will necessitate an additional Health and Safety assessment for card renewal.

A unique aspect of the CPD course is its inclusion of additional training modules, such as Alloy Tower and Scaffold Inspection. These supplementary modules not only enhance the value of the CPD Refresher training but also offer participants the opportunity to have these endorsed onto their Scaffold cards upon successful completion.

Feedback on the CPD Refresher training has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its effectiveness in keeping Scaffolders abreast of industry changes in legislation and safety guidelines. This continuous learning approach is vital in maintaining and elevating the industry’s high standards when working at heights.


  • How do I renew my Scaffold card? You can renew your Scaffold card by attending a CISRS CPD Refresher course.
  • How early can I attend a CPD Refresher course? You can book and attend the CPD Refresher course if your card has either expired or has six months or less remaining on it.
  • How long does a CPD Refresher course last? The CPD Refresher course is conducted over two days at the training centre.
  • What will I receive after completing a CPD course? Upon successful completion of the CPD course, you will receive a certificate and a renewed card with the relevant endorsed modules on the back, showcasing your updated knowledge and skills.

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