Why complete your CISRS Scaffold CPD?

Scaffolding is often viewed as a high risk occupation, when carried out properly this is not the case. However, we need to ensure that the operatives have the correct and up to date information and knowledge that will continue to allow them to work safely.

We at Safety & Access want to highlight the advantages of the CISRS CPD refresher course.

Dave Mosley, CISRS Managing Director highlights:

 “The idea behind the Scaffolder CPD/Refresher training is to ensure that all cardholders no matter what sector they work in or what size company they work for have received up to date information on industry best practice prior to renewing their CISRS status for a further 5 years.

The concept had been debated within the Access and Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation (ASITO) for well over a decade. The HSE began to exert more pressure on CISRS and from that point CISRS agreed its introduction.

CISRS has been in existence for almost 50 years, there are some cardholders who will not have received any formal training for 20+ years. In order to maintain the reputation of the scheme within the wider industry we felt it was time to fall in line with other safety critical sectors and introduce a mandatory refresher element.  e.g. Gas Fitters are required to complete 30 hours of CPD annually.”

Health and Safety Executive stated:

“HSE Inspectors sometimes come across scaffolders on site who are not up to date on current accepted practices with respect to safe erection and dismantling of scaffolding. This is an issue that is easily resolved through CPD and HSE welcomes the introduction of this into the CISRS scheme. This brings the scheme into line with many other construction trades and it will have a very positive effect, particularly for those who may not have received any formal training in many years. It should help employers demonstrate that their operatives have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil their duties under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015.”

Highlighting the course content:

Scaffolder Refresher / CPD Training

This module has been designed to bring operatives up to date with current standards. Alongside a re-cap on Part 2 training, delegates will receive updates on TG20:13 and SG4:15 and will cover subjects such as Anchor Ties, Design Appreciation, Vehicle Safety, Manual Handling, Temporary Edge Protection, System Product updates, PPE, Protection of the Public and Impact Wrenches. All delegates will have this training endorsed onto their renewed CISRS cards.

Scaffold Inspection

This module will cover subjects such as the Role of the Inspector, Statutory Inspections in Practice, Work at Height Regulations, Tagging, Handover Certificates and will end with a practical and written test. This module is card specific and if passed, will result with either a Basic Scaffold Inspection or Advanced Scaffold Inspection endorsement being added to the renewed CISRS card.

Alloy Tower Module

This module will cover subjects including Alloy Tower components, Assembly/Moving/Dismantling of Towers, Types of Towers, Hazards and Inspection. As with the Inspection module, delegates will be required to complete a written and practical test and if passed, renewed cards will be endorsed with CISRS Alloy Tower training.

Health, Safety & Behavioural Test

This test has been designed to be more scaffold specific. Test papers will consist of 12 Behavioural Questions and 38 Knowledge Questions. Revision Booklets will be available from Training Centres at the time of booking CPD courses. If this test is passed, the delegate will not need to pass an additional CITB HS&E Test to renew. However, if this test is not passed, delegates will be required to submit evidence of a CITB HS&E Test taken within 2 years or a recognised exemption to CISRS to have their card issued.

A CPD specific training folder will be given to each delegate on their first day. This will include CISRS Modules 1 and 2 along with relevant NASC Guidance Notes. This folder will form part of the course material and will be retained by the delegate on completion of the course.

CISRS Training Centres have all been required to sign up to a “Cards Without Application” system, which means that CPD delegates will not need to submit applications for card renewals. It should be noted however, that if a delegate fails the CISRS Health, Safety & Behavioural Test, they will need to submit separate evidence of a CITB HS&E Test (or recognised exemption) to have their renewed card issued.

You, and your Workers are your biggest asset and keeping you safe each day is important. Completing the CPD course not only renews your CISRS card enabling you to continue working on site but also reintroduces knowledge on best practices.

We regularly run this 2 day course at our multiple training sites and are passionate about providing you with a beneficial service.

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