Safety & Access Pilot the E-Portfolio for Scaffolding

cskills-blogAs from the 1 March 2013 all learners that need to complete a VQ Level 2 & 3 qualification to comply with the CISRS Scheme rules to obtain a CISRS Scaffolder or Advanced Card. They will all be registered to use the SKILLFILE system.

What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio is electronic storage of your learners portfolio, traditionally a paper-based collection of your learner’s information and their evidence and learning outcomes for their qualification.

Skillsfile enables you to view portfolios, assess evidence and verify assessment decisions anywhere you have internet access.

Who can use Skillsfile?

Skillsfile is available to any Cskills Awards approved centre like Safety & Access Ltd.

Skillsfile provides a number of different user types, to support the variety of different activities within our centre. These include:

  • system administrators (superusers)
  • centre managers
  • centre administrators
  • internal verifiers
  • assessors
  • work-based recorders
  • employers
  • learners
  • external verifiers for non-Cskills Awards qualifications.

All system roles have different access and permissions, and can use Skillsfile simultaneously. Additional permissions can be given to each user on an individual basis to provide flexibility for you and the way you operate.

Can learners’ employers access Skillsfile?

Yes, we can create access for employers. The employer role can access the learners’ plans and portfolios to view their progress through the qualification. When a learner registers on Skillsfile they must agree to their employer being given access, to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Skillsfile will allow Learners, Employers and Assessors to upload any workbased evidence onto each learners e-portfolio qualification Skillsfile enables lots of file types to support different evidence types, including: professional discussions

  • photographs
  • movies
  • diaries
  • commentary against every piece of evidence
  • test results
  • reports
  • drawings
  • letters
  • interviews.

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