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Level 3 Edexcel BTEC Certificate in ManagementProviding a solid foundation on which to build a bright and credible management career is important and vital in today’s ever-changing and competitive working environment. Our learner-centered, experiential, development programme leads to a nationally accredited qualification as well as challenging work place – based learning and improvement. This programme enables achievement of

Programme Dates & Workshop Content


Workshop 1 – 23 May 2013:

The role of leadership and self awareness in successful team management
This session aims to give you an overview to the role of a team leader and the processes involved in leading a team. In addition, an introduction to self-awareness, the foundation of all development, will enable you to gain understanding and insight into the practical skills of leading others. You will be provided with a “kit-bag” of tools and techniques that will help you evaluate your own career to date, identifying opportunities for development, as well as being able to manage, encourage and support others with their career development.

Workshop 2 – 20 June 2013:

Communication with the team: developing collaborative working skills
Communication skills are key to the development of effective working relationships, successful team integration and improving performance. You will explore key issues of team leading; identify ways of monitoring conflict within the team and the importance of language on team relationships. With the knowledge and skills to develop productive working relationships within your teams, you can ensure a clear focus in achieving team objectives. During this workshop you will learn about and start to prepare for individual presentations to be made during Workshop 5.

Workshop 3 – 25 July 2013:

Developing effective working relationships
Being able to influence and persuade through clear, well-prepared and effectively structured presentations is expected of a team leader. Not only is effective communication with your team essential, but also with all levels of management with whom you work. The analysis and justification of business decisions through written reports and presentations, helps develop and maintain productive working relationships. These skills are also a pre-requisite to the successful performance of the organisation and the achievement of career progression of the individual.

Workshop 4 – 22 August 2013:

Effective decision making, organising work
Being able to make effective decisions is a defining quality of an effective leader and this session provides you with an understanding of the decision-making process and the skills to apply these techniques. Alongside decision-making comes the skill of being able to organise the work of a team, set and monitor progress, whilst ensuring the motivation of team members. You will also be able to recognise and support the stages of team development, understanding and encouraging team participation and improving team performance.

Workshop 5 – 19 September 2013:

Presentation skills and reviewing the outcomes: personal & professional
In this workshop you will be able to gain valuable experience presenting your case for business improvement, answer questions posed by the audience, listen to your colleagues presenting their ideas, and practice offering constructive feedback. You will also be able to reflect on your outcomes from the programme so far will enable you to measure progress at this stage of your learning journey, analyse your achievements and recognising areas for further development.

Workshop 6 – 24 October 2013:

Building, Supporting & Managing the Team (1): developing coaching skills
Workshop 8 explores the role coaching plays in modelling best practice, developing self-awareness and fostering an attitude of learning and self-management in team members. The processes of establishing a productive and successful coaching relationship and style are also examined and discussed, alongside the role of coaching in evoking continuous development of individuals and teams through the challenges posed by change. You will learn about managing the tasks of the project through and with team members, how to establish and maintain an open and trusting culture and how to disband the team once the project has been successfully completed.

Workshop 7 – 21 November 2013: Delegation:

This workshop takes the role of organising work deeper and looks at the necessary knowledge and skills needed to ensure effective and efficient delegation.

Workshop 8 – 19 December 2013:

Building, Supporting & Managing the Team (2): teams and project management and programme review and further opportunities
In this final workshop, you will continue to work on effective coaching skills and how to implement those skills in the workplace, you will also look at innovation and its role within your job. You will also reflect on your accomplishments and achievements during the programme.

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