Incorrect Fittings Used On Design Scaffold

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 08.26.29Event Date: 08/08/13 CHAPELCROSS Event Brief: EB CHX00094


A design scaffold contained the following three types of fittings:

  • Double couplers which can only connect two tubes at right angles;
  • Pressed connecting sleeves for connecting tubes;
  • Swivel couplers which can connect at any angle and is mainly used in diagonal bracing.

The design for this scaffold specified that all the fittings be EN74 grade B except connections to board bearing transoms. Grade B fittings have a greater load bearing capacity than Grade A fittings. An inspection of this scaffold during erection revealed that grade B double couplers had been used throughout, however grade A swivel couplers and connecting sleeves were being fitted to the scaffold.

Event Brief

Fast Learning from this event:

Are all types of scaffold fittings on your design scaffolds as required by the design drawings and calculations?

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 08.27.10Key Issues:

Have the incorrect grade of scaffold fittings been used on any design scaffolds?

Are your scaffolders aware of the different grade of scaffold fittings and of the importance of fitting the correct grade as specified by the scaffold designer?

Is your scaffold supervisor and scaffold inspector aware of the importance of checking that the scaffold has been erected in accordance with the design and that the correct grades of fittings have been used?

Is there any independent verification that the scaffold has been erected as per the design?

Actions Taken:

Design scaffolds embargoed.

Scaffolds to be amended to ensure they satisfy the design requirements.


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