How to get a CISRS Card

If you work within the UK construction industry, it pays to know about the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS), its qualifications and what it could mean for your career. This recognised industry scheme is widely acknowledged and used by major corporations and manufacturers.

Read our post to find out all about the CISRS, its training and qualifications and how you can earn yourself a CISRS card, all of which is bound to offer up plenty more opportunities for you in the world of construction.

More information about the CISRS

The CISRS is a training scheme for scaffolding professionals that has been running for over 40 years in the UK. The scheme provides thorough training, testing and qualifications, which set workers up with the key skills and development required for a safe and productive working environment. The proven success of this scheme now means that the biggest and best organisations (such as CSCS, HSE and UNITE) use it, as well as scaffolding manufacturers requiring their workers to have a CISRS card in order to work for them.


CISRS cards available

There are a variety of different CISRS cards available, and the card that you apply for depends on your workplace duties and responsibilities.. As it stands, the cards available are:

  • Scaffolding Labourer Card
  • Basic Access System Erector (BASE) Card
  • Trainee Scaffolder
  • Scaffolder (Tube & Fitting)
  • Scaffolder (System)
  • Basic Scaffold Inspection
  • Advanced Scaffold Inspection
  • Advanced Scaffolder
  • Supervisor

More detailed information about what each of the CISR cards qualify you for can be found here.


Training and testing

Different CISRS cards have different training and testing requirements that you will need to pass before being provided with your card. All card applicants will be required to take a CSCS health, safety and environment test, however some cards require additional training and testing as part of their assessment.

Take the Trainee Scaffolder card, for example. Applicants for this card will not only have to take the health and safety test, but they will also be required to have carried out at least 6 months’ work, as well as completing the first part of a relevant national qualification at the very least.

The Supervisor CISRS card candidates will be required to meet the same standards as the Scaffolder CISRS card and the Advanced Scaffolder CISRS card, as well as taking part in a specialist training course and sitting a more advanced health and safety test.

These are just a couple of examples as to how applications for one card differs to the other, and it’s well worth looking into what is expected as part of your application before proceeding.

Top tip: All health, safety and environment tests must have been taken and passed within 2 years of applying for the CISRS card.

Once you have taken the time to meet each of the requirements, passed the tests and, where relevant, any additional specialist training, you’ll be the owner of your very own CISRS card, which is valid for 5 years. Having this qualification will allow to pursue a successful scaffolding career, with each card bringing you a step closer to the next level up in the scaffolding industry. You’ll also find a much bigger range of opportunities available to you than before, with many more jobs on offer from businesses who have made the CISRS card a requirement.

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