Fall from Vehicles

The need for loading, unloading, and maintenance of vehicles, where no alternative safer methods exist, may give rise to falls from 1.30m up to 4.00m or more.

A fall from a typical height vehicle bed( eg 1.80m) can result in a serious injury. According to the HSE, 75% of falls occur during loading and unloading.

Falls from vehicles are now a more important safety issue as high number of incidents were recognised by the HSE and became a focus of interest and a major campaign topic. The HSE website contains valuable advice on this subject.

The potential for falls from vehicles has now begun to be addressed in a large variety of ways

  • Avoidance of mounting vehicles by load planning and improved vehicle selection e.g. mechanical handling
  • On site drive in gantries
  • Bolted guardrail systems
  • Chain link and similar flexible systems
  • Adaption of proprietary edge protection systems
  • Special components for perimeter edge platforms
  • Large vehicles soft landing bags
  • Counterweight ‘hangman’ systems ( tested to BSEN795:2012 class B)
  • Fall arrest / PFPE fixing solutions

A number of these ways of collective methods to prevent falls, come under the auspices of BSEN13374: 2013

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