First Information on TG20:21 Released by NASC

The NASC has unveiled some outlines on the guidance and the cost of its eagerly anticipated guidance and e-Guide scaffolding design software, TG20:21.

The new product, which updates and expands on TG20:13, the NASC’s innovative, user-friendly and widely adopted software, will be available from March 2021 on an annual subscription basis.

Details were revealed at the NASC’s annual general meeting. TG20:21 will cost NASC members £75 per e-Guide subscription per year and non-members £300 per e-Guide subscription per year.

Users will be able to access TG20:21 – and the associated and updated Operational and Design guides – via a link from the NASC website using a unique serial number and login credentials rather than via a file download or CD.

To ensure the transition for existing users from TG20:13 to TG20:21 is as fair as possible, there will be a short period of free use of the new software.

TG20:21 features several changes from the existing TG20:13 software to make the process of producing a compliant scaffolding design even simpler and additions to make the software even more useful.

These additions include exterior birdcages, tube and fitting mobile towers, tube and fitting loading bays without beams and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

The TG20 compliance sheet will now be double-sided with the illustration and principal compliance criteria on the front side and the detailed compliance criteria listed on the reverse in landscape format.

The new TG20:21 package is expected to be available for purchase in February 2021.

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