Slips and Trips

Slips and trips are a major contributor of workplace injuries.  A large number of injuries occur every year due to slips and trips from heights, on staircases and on level ground occurring at work and at home.

Poor housekeeping on construction sites is one of the main problems and attributes to many workplace incidents by creating hazards that can cause injuries.

By not having good housekeeping on site then this may in turn may lead to complacency towards other hazards.

Poor housekeeping can result in accidents such as:

  • tripping over loose objects on floors, stairs, and platforms.  
  • being hit by falling objects.
  • Slipping on wet, greasy, or dirty surfaces.
  • Striking against projecting, poorly stacked materials.
  • Punctures, cuts, tears to skin of hands and other body parts where projecting nails, wire or steel strapping may occur.

In accordance to the Work at Height Regulations working platforms shall be erected and used and maintained, in such condition, as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable-

  • The risk of slipping or tripping; or
  • any person being caught between the working platform and any adjacent structure.

To avoid such hazards workplaces must maintaining good house-keeping regime implementing regular housekeeping as part of jobs/tasks.

Results and benefits of good housekeeping can include:

  • Fewer slipping and tripping hazards.
  • More effective use of space
  • More efficient clean-up and maintenance 
  • Improvement in morale and productivity
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