Understanding the Part 1 Scaffolding Qualification

Once you have completed the COTS course and spent 6 months working alongside scaffold professionals, you can embark on your Part 1 scaffolding qualification, a vital milestone within the scaffolding industry. It equips you with the skills and knowledge required to work safely and effectively in this dynamic field. Here’s how you can achieve this qualification and become a Part 1 Scaffolder:

  1. Enroll in the CISRS Part 1 Scaffolding Course

The journey begins with enrolling in the CISRS Part 1 Scaffolding Course. This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of scaffolding principles, assembly techniques, and safety protocols. It covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are essential for anyone entering the scaffolding profession.

  1. Course Content

During the course, you’ll dive into various topics, including:

  • Essential Scaffolding Components: Learn about the components of a scaffold structure, including tubes, fittings, boards, and more.
  • Scaffold Safety: Understand safety regulations, best practices, and procedures to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Scaffold Assembly: Gain hands-on experience assembling basic scaffold structures, focusing on stability and integrity.
  • Industry Regulations: Familiarise yourself with industry standards and guidelines that govern scaffold construction.
  1. Practical Assessments and Examinations

The course will likely include practical assessments and examinations to evaluate your understanding and application of the concepts taught. Completing these assessments will be vital in obtaining your Part 1 scaffolding qualification.

The Opportunities It Unlocks

Earning your Part 1 scaffolding qualification opens up a world of opportunities:

  • Entry-Level Positions: Armed with foundational knowledge and practical skills, you’ll be ready to take on entry-level positions in the scaffolding industry.
  • On-Site Work: You can actively contribute to scaffolding assembly and construction under the guidance of experienced professionals.
  • Continued Learning: The Part 1 qualification is a stepping stone for further advancement in your scaffolding career. It lays the groundwork for pursuing more advanced qualifications such as Part 2 and Advanced.


The Part 1 scaffolding qualification is your gateway to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the scaffolding industry. By enrolling in the CISRS Part 1 Scaffolding Course, you’ll acquire essential skills, knowledge, and practical experience that will set you up for success. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your skills, this qualification is crucial to achieving your scaffolding aspirations.

Ready to take the first step to become a Part 1 Scaffolder? Explore the CISRS Part 1 Scaffolding Course and embark on a journey that promises growth, expertise, and many opportunities.


Safety and Access regularly run the Part One scaffolding training course at purpose-built training facilities in London, Nottingham and Humberside. To find further details including dates and prices, visit the website or call our helpful team on 0115 979 4523


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