Toe Boards

Correct installation and use to scaffold working/access platforms.

Edge protections installed to scaffolding platforms must be inclusive of toe boards or similar means of protection to meet with the current Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Toe boards to scaffold working platforms are usually formed by installing scaffold boards or proprietary toe boards for system scaffolding in an upright position to the edges of working platforms or landings of access towers. 

Toe boards should be installed along the façade elevations and end frames commonly referred to as stop end toe boards to the full width of the platform including any inside boarded platforms, where ladder openings are required along an elevation the openings must be protected to prevent against the risk of falls. 

Toe boards should have a minimum height of 150mm, however typically on tube and fitting scaffold structures toe boards are 225mm scaffold boards. 

The toe boards should be positioned so that the gap between the toe board and the intermediate (lower guard rail) does not exceed 470mm as required by the current Work at Height Regulations 2005.

The toe boards should be fixed to the inside of the scaffold standards and should be secured in place with single couplers or other purpose designed proprietary couplers., the ends of the toe boards should be supported to prevent the boards from pushing outwards. This is achieved by fixing short lengths of scaffold tube to both top and intermediate guard rails with load bearing double couplers or band and plates positioned at the end of a loose toe board where a standard is not available. The couplers securing the toe boards should not be left loose so they can be accidentally displaced which could result in serious injuries from the falling couplers from height. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 Part 1 schedule 3 section 4 states that “A working platform-Shall be so erected and used as to ensure that its components do not become accidentally displaced so as to endanger any person”.

In certain circumstance where an adjacent building structure is not able to provide fall protection internal toe boards may be required if the service gap that exists poses a risk of materials or persons falling. A site risk assessment should be carried to determine where internal toe boards are required. 

The toe boards should be fixed to all boarded platforms and access towers and staircases where there is a risk of persons or materials falling.

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