Scaffold Inspections

Scaffold Inspections

The scaffolding contractor should ensure that, at the time of handing over to the client, the scaffolding is suitable to perform the duty to which it was intended and complies with all regulations and local authority requirements. This will be achieved by carrying out an initial inspection.

In accordance with regulations 12 of the work at height regulations 2005, Once the scaffolding has been handed over, it must be inspected at least every seven days or following adverse weather or major modifications. This is the responsibility of the client, although the task is typically sub contracted to the scaffolding contractor or external scaffold inspector such as ourselves.

All scaffolding inspections must be carried out by a competent person who’s knowledge, training and experience are appropriate to the type of scaffolding they are inspecting.

Safety and Access are accredited to offer the CISRS (construction Industry scaffolding record Scheme) 3 day Basic Scaffold Inspection course and a 2 day Advanced Scaffold inspection course.  Contact our booking team on 0115 9794523 for more information.


Inspections should include :

  • Foundations – a firm and level base
  • The base lift ( base boards or similar requirements)
  • Standards  – staggered, upright correct spacing’s
  • Ledgers  – staggered, level
  • Transoms – both working and non-working lifts must be correctly spaced out to take decking
  • Ledger bracing at alternate bays
  • Face bracing every six bays or a continuous run
  • Ties – are they as per design or TG20:13 are they tested and tagged-  look for report
  • Hand rails  – 470 and 950 respectively and scaffolder safe zone to all non-working lifts
  • Decking – to fit correctly, be of good quality and clear from debris
  • Access – type of access may differ on what has been requested
  • Ladders 4-1 angle secured using correct type ladder clamps or lashing and be of good quality with no damage
  • Stair access – system must be constructed as per manufactures guidance and be correctly tied in at all levels

It is a legal requirement to ensure that a scaffold register is on site at all times and completed following each inspection.

Six important words to remember when writing a report:  Unsafe, unstable, unsuitable, incorrect, insufficient, and incomplete.

Safety & Access offer a national support services to undertake this key duty on behalf of the client. The user must be satisfied that the scaffold structure is safe and fit for use and is maintained in good order.  Contact our consultancy team on 0115 9794523.

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