Safety & Access start to deliver the New CISRS One Day Operative Training for Scaffolders

operativeCISRS has introduced a mandatory New Entrant Trainee and Scaffolding Labourer course into the scheme.
The new must-have CISRS training makes it a requirement for any new entrant Scaffolding Trainee or Scaffolding Labourer to complete a
CISRS one-day course before a card will be issued. This will go live from September 1st 2013.

Safety & Access will be delivering open training courses at both their Training Centres in Humbersideside and Nottingham starting from September 2013


The new training courses will be carried out at CISRS-approved centres across the UK. Alternatively, the courses can be run ‘in-house’
by a suitably qualified member of staff – assuming the facilities exist to carry out the training. Any scaffolding company wishing to do ‘inhouse’ training will be required to make an application to CISRS to
deliver this course, and will have their eligibility assessed before being allowed to conduct the courses.

For further information please contact us
Nottingham Centre on 0115 9794523 or email:
Humbersideside Centre on 0115 979 4523 or email:

To accompany the new courses, a training and assessment package will be available for applicants – including a Power Point
presentation, Manual handling DVD, a bank of test questions, practical exercises, certificates and other material to assist with the training

The CISRS New Entrant Labourer course will include:

  • Relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • General Responsibilities
  • Basic Scaffold Terminology (Components & Application)
  • Servicing of Equipment, Tube, Fittings etc.
  • Boards & Stock – Quality Control
  • Health, Welfare, Hygiene & Housekeeping
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Prevention & Control
  • Noise & Vibration
  • Work at Height
  • Accident Prevention & Reporting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Site Transport Safety (Including Loading & Unloading)
  • Equipment & Tools
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