Platform Width’s – Requirements for TG20 compliant scaffold access platforms

The intended use of a scaffold will determine the minimum width of the access platform.

Scaffold platforms which are required for access by personnel and not required to store materials require a minimum clear width of 500mm, this is can be achieved by providing a scaffold platform that is a least 3 boards wide (625mm). The width of such a platform may also be used for the passage of materials.

If a platform is required for supporting personnel and stored materials (such as a scaffold for new build brickwork) then a platform with a clear minimum width of 800mm is required. This can be achieved with a scaffold platform of 4 or 5 boards wide providing that a minimum 430mm clear passage of access can be maintained (or 2 boards) for personnel to pass safely. If barrows are to be used then 600mm of passage will be required on the platform.

The platform widths of TG20 compliant independent scaffolds are 3-5 boards for the main platform with up to 3 inside boards which can be placed between the inside standards and the adjacent structure. One, Two or Three in inside boards cab be placed along the inside platform at the same level as the main platform. If the inner platforms are to be off set above or below the main platform level using brackets, then the platform width must be a minimum of 2 boards  in width to ensure sufficient access is provided.

Wider inner platforms can be achieved for TG20 compliant scaffold following additional guidance for single lift internal cantilever platforms, internal platforms not covered in the guide will require further input from a competent scaffold design engineer.

TG20 Inside platform loading in all cases MUST not exceed 0.75kn/m2 as with main platforms only 2 lifts of inside platforms should be in use per elevation at of scaffold at any time.

Where internal ladders are to be used within a platform then a minimum of 430mm (2 boards) clear passage is required to the side of the opening that forms the access, this means platforms containing ladders should be at least 4 boards width. (2 boards for the opening and 2 boards for adjacent access past the ladder.

If greater scaffold widths are required then the scaffold should be specially designed.

(Table below showing minimum scaffold platform widths)

table of TG20 requirements
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