New PASMA Cards and Certificates

As you may be aware, new PASMA certificates have come into circulation this week with a new fresh look and to comply with the latest PASMA branding. To accompany the new certificates the PASMA cards have also been updated and improved. The new cards will come into circulation by the end of March.

The security of the PASMA cards is paramount in being able to assure customers those claiming to be PASMA trained are genuine. With technology as it is now and fraud more of an issue than ever before, it is important that the PASMA cards are difficult to duplicate. With this is mind, the cards have been designed with some important new security features. Click here to find out more about the security features of the new card.

Please note: The old cards will still be valid until their expiry date as we will be phasing in the new cards over a period of time as the old cards expire. There is no requirement for new cards to be issued for existing card holders. All new cards issued from PASMA will be the new design from around the end of March.

The New PASMA Card


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