How to find your CISRS registration number

If you’re an employee in the UK construction industry and have taken part in the necessary training to equip you with a Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) card, it’s vital to make sure that you always have your card to hand and that it is valid and in date. Without a physical CISRS card, you may not be able to quickly prove that you have acquired the skills and knowledge needed to work a particular role on a construction site, and the training you took part in could go to waste.

Your CISRS card displays a registration number that’s unique to you and the training you have taken part in. You can use this registration number to validate your CISRS card, and to replace the card if it gets lost or stolen. Of course, without a physical card to hand, you will need to look in others places to discover you CISRS registration number and to organise a replacement card being sent to you.

Find out here where you can find your CISRS registration number, to be able to validate your card and to qualify for construction roles that your CISRS training has equipped you to carry out.

I have my CISRS card – where can I find my registration number?

Good news is that if you still have your CISRS card to hand, you’ll easily be able to locate your registration number on the front of your card. To the left of your photography will be your name, your registration number and the card’s expiry date, each of which are important details for validating your card and for proving that you are a qualified professional for particular roles on a construction site.

I have lost my CISRS card – where can I find my registration number?

If you have lost your CISRS card, not to worry – there are a couple of different options you can make use of to find your registration number.

Firstly, look for any correspondence that you have received from CISRS, whether that’s the initial documents they sent to you or a reminder to renew your card, for example. These letters or documents will usually contain your unique registration number, which you can then use to replace a lost or stolen card.

Alternatively, you can contact the CISRS directly on 0844 815 7223 or A team member should be able to locate your registration number with some details given by yourself – they will also be able to put through the application for a replacement card in the same phone call.

Remember that your CISRS registration number is unique to you, and plays an important role in being able to make use of the training and qualifications you have received from the CISRS. Make sure to keep your registration number in a safe place, so that if you ever lose your card or if it’s ever stolen, you’ll easily be able to apply for a replacement CISRS card as quickly as possible.

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