How having a qualified scaffold inspector can make a difference to your business.

Anyone working in the construction industry knows of the risks involved, particularly when it comes to working at a height. Of course, the chances of these risks from occurring can be reduced significantly with the relevant processes in place. It’s the responsibility of the business owners and managers to make sure these processes are in place and that their workplace meets health and safety regulations.

Whether you’re a brand new business looking to plan out the health and safety processes, or an existing business hoping to make improvements on the running of the business, it’s well worth thinking about hiring a qualified scaffold inspector. This could be an independent professional who joins your projects as and when needed, or it could be a full-time employee working solely for your company. Either way, a scaffold inspector can make a big difference to your business, and here’s how.

Reduce or prevent accidents

Working from a height can be dangerous, which is why there are strict health and safety regulations in place to limit the amount of accidents that occur when using scaffolding.

Expert scaffold inspectors specialise in this particular area of onsite health and safety and will be able to take on the responsibility for looking for assessing a scaffold structure, assessing how safe it is and identifying any potential issues with the tower. Investing in an employee who focuses solely on the prevention of scaffolding accidents (and has the skills to do just that) can greatly reduce the number of accidents that occur when using the scaffolding.

Reduce the chances of fatalities

Did you know that falling from a height is one of the biggest causes of death in the UK construction industry? Although health and safety regulations have worked to reduce the number of deaths over the years, these fatalities do still happen and it’s usually due to poor scaffold construction or poor use of it.

A scaffold inspector will be able to assess the structure during the build and once it is completed, to look for any errors that could potentially prove fatal. They will also be able to carry out regular assessments of the scaffold, which is particularly important when these structures are being used for a significant amount of time. Having a qualified professional at hand to focus on the safety of a scaffold tower will help to prevent fatalities within the team.

Avoid health and safety breaches

Any qualified scaffold inspector has to go through in-depth training which certifies them as someone who is able to carry out the job, with the relevant skills and knowledge to do so.

Part of this training involves individuals thoroughly understanding health and safety regulations and what a business must do to comply with them. You and your business could benefit from peace of mind, knowing that health and safety laws concerning scaffold towers are being covered by a qualified scaffold inspector, who knows that it needed to meet the required safety standards.

Receive honest and impartial advice

A scaffold inspector usually acts as a middle man between the team carrying out the scaffold build and the managers or owners of the company. Having not been involved in the build itself, the inspector will be able to offer honest and unbiased advice about how well a tower has been built and how effective it will be in supporting the work needed to be carried out.

On the flipside, you will be able to appreciate the fact that their opinion won’t have been swayed by senior members of the team and that their findings are solely to benefit the business’ operations.

The benefits for adding a qualified scaffold inspector to your team are too large to ignore. Many other businesses are making this investment to improve the overall performance of their business and, like them, you could soon begin to reap the rewards of what these skill professionals can bring to your own team.

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