Edge protection in accordance with BSEN13374

Temporary edge protection is used in the construction works, primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level from working surface, sloped or flat.

An edge protection system shall consist of a principal guardrail plus either an intermediate guard rail or an intermediate protection. It shall also be possible to attach a toe board.


All components in the system shall be designed to avoid accidental removal or displacement of any component in any direction during use (BSEN13374).


The question of the common practice of casting a sleeve (plastic or steel) into a concrete slab and subsequently inserting a vertical tube as a main guardrail post. As this method, unlike most of the proprietary systems, has no specific locking method to prevent uplift of the post, it may be considered to be vulnerable to such accidental uplift. Therefore, re-consideration of such designs may be required.


A specific maximum gap of 120mm in the guard rail has also been introduced for the first time.


This refers to the horizontal gaps between post/ panels longitudinally


BSEN13374 also includes protection whilst working from the back of vehicles

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