CISRS Accredited Scaffolding Training centre opens in Nepal capital Kathmandu


Safety and Access are very proud to announce a partnership with Aecor in Kathmandu and the opening of a CISRS Accredited Training facility in the capital.

The training facility is now open and is offering scaffolder skills training along with scaffolding supervisor and inspection training. There are also plans to further enhance and expand the support services in the future.

The accredited training centre is located in the capital Kathmandu and is equipped with a large high level practical area for scaffolder training along with excellent classrooms. Its facilities include accommodation and catering along with high quality welfare facilities.

Following an independent audit by CISRS represented by Dave Mosley (Scheme Manager) the centre was certified to be compliant with the high standards required by CISRS. “Dave Mosley commented; “The centre here in Nepal represents a world class international training facility and Safety & Access and partners Aecor should be commended for this. The added value for candidates such as the accommodation and excellent welfare facilities make this a prime example of how we can continue to promote and enhance safety and quality using best practice techniques”


Rick Statham, Joint Managing Director of Safety & Access commented; “We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer CISRS international training here in Kathmandu. Nepal is widely regarding as an epicentre for scaffolders that work across the Middle East and beyond and we believe there is huge potential here. It is vitally important for Nepalese citizens to have recognised qualifications to enhance employability and to be able to support their dependants and the CISRS qualifications will enable this. Following the tragic consequences of the major earthquake that occurred here just over one year ago that claimed almost 10’000 lives we are committed to supporting the Nepalese people and the international opportunities linked to the country”
Outside CISRS Accredited Scaffold Training Centre


Sandeep Lama Managing Director of Aecor Nepal commented;

“Nepalese scaffolders being considered one of the hardest working and best scaffolder’s across the Middle East for over 3 decades, it was only a matter of time that Nepal had its own international recognised scaffolding training.
With CISRS approved training centre we can be proud to provide international standard training to experienced scaffolders and aspiring scaffolders to have a safe and long career.”

Ricki Morgan, Area Scaffolding Manager for CCC Qatar has been involved from the early stages of the venture as technical adviser is also pleased with the outcome of the audit; “This is the best thing to happen in the scaffolding industry relative to the gulf region in many years. I’m approaching 47 years in scaffolding and I fully understand the need for accredited, quality recognised training and certification. This will enhance the safety of the operatives and end user. The availability of CISRS training in GCC represents a huge step forward from current standards. In turn, this offers a career path for all participating”



The key benefits of undertaking training in Kathmandu, Nepal include:

• Improved safety and efficiency.
• Qualifications and employment opportunities for Nepalese citizens.
• Independently accredited training qualifications valid for 5 years which are recognised by clients throughout the world.
• Convenient and central location with excellent facilities
• Cost savings for clients on the cost of training in the Middle East and other regions.

For more details on the training in Nepal and course availability, please contact or view the website at for more details (To be updated soon)

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