A guide to funding options for your CISRS courses

The CISRS training courses are, without a doubt, the best available in the country for the industry, but they do come with costs. Depending on what training you or your employees are hoping to take on, you could face fees of between £125 and £945, exclusive of VAT. Whatever your situation, it’s always worthwhile knowing your options when it comes to funding or grants for the CISRS courses.

Here we have some information for you concerning funding options for CISRS courses, so that you can find the best way to invest in these courses and make that next step into your own or your employees professional development.

Are there any grants available directly from CISRS?

Unfortunately, the CISRS are unable to provide any grants or funding directly from their organisation, and it can be a struggle to find funding for an individual as opposed to a company or employer.

That being said, the CISRS do promote funding from the CITB on their website, so this could be your first port of call to look when considering the funding options available.

Funding through the CITB

There are a number of funding and grants streams available from the CITB, which employers can utilise to invest in their employees’ industry training. Whilst grants typically cover everyday training courses, funding is available on a case by case basis for certain projects and commissions.

CITB Grants

Grants available from the CITB are intended to help employers provide standard training and to contribute to the cost of making sure professionals are properly required to carry out their role in the industry, which involves CISRS training. Grants typically fall into three categories; short course grants, apprenticeship grants and qualification grants. The CITB has plenty more information about their grants, over on their website, but some of the CISRS courses covered by their grants include:

  • Basic Scaffold Inspection
  • Advanced scaffold Inspection
  • Part 1 tube & fitting
  • Part 2 Tube & fitting
  • Advanced Tube & Fitting
  • CPD Renewal
  • Scaffold supervisor
  • Scaffold supervisor refresher

CITB Funding

Applications for CITB funding are usually considered when funds are required to support projects surrounding innovation, training and careers. Having a proper plan in place, along with strong aims and objectives, will certainly help your cause when applying for CITB funding. If accepted, some of these fund could be contributed towards the cost of CISRS training courses for employees.

You can find out more about the CITB funding options over on their website.

Check with your local CISRS training providers

You might also find that some local CISRS training providers, such as ourselves, provide funding towards certain CISRS courses. We are able to provide £351 funding for companies or sole traders who operate in the Humberside, East Ridings, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire regions, for the following courses:

  • CISRS Part 1
  • CISRS Part 2
  • CISRS Advanced

We’re also able to fully fund NVQ Level 2 & Part fund NVQ Level 3 CISRS courses. What’s more, if you operate in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire, we’re able to provide 40% funding towards your CISRS Part 1, Part 1 and Advance training.

We’re focused on providing quality training to those in the industry and to support local businesses who are dedicated to developing their employees skills in the trade. With that in mind, it’s well worth speaking to your own local training providers, to find out if they offer similar funding options for their local businesses.

CISRS courses don’t come cheap, especially if you are thinking about paying for them for a number of different employees, but that shouldn’t prevent you from investing in these courses for your team’s development and your business’ future. With a number of funding options available, you should be able to find a helping hand to support you with these costs and to support the industry as a whole. After all, skilled professionals is vital for the safety and continuity of the industry.

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