NASC Unveils Enhanced SG6 User Guide

NASC Unveils Enhanced SG6 User Guide

The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has unveiled the updated SG6 User Guide, reaffirming its commitment to improving safety standards in construction. This comprehensive guide revolutionises manual handling practices and reduces the risk of slips and trips on construction sites.

As the leading trade body in the scaffolding and access sector, NASC plays a crucial role in enhancing the industry. The refreshed SG6 User Guide features illustrations and provides detailed instructions for safe manual handling. It also highlights the importance of considering other NASC guidance documents, such as SG5, SG31, and SG34, to ensure comprehensive risk assessment.

By reinforcing safety and efficiency, NASC continues to demonstrate its pivotal role in the industry. Employers and professionals are encouraged to join NASC and tap into the offered benefits, positioning themselves at the forefront of best practices for a safer and prosperous future.

The SG6 User Guide is available to non-members for purchase via their online shop. To explore NASC membership benefits, visit the NASC website or contact the membership team directly.

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