CISRS CPD Courses Announced for Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolder


CISRS has announced that from 1 June 2017 it will introduce a two day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, which will become a mandatory requirement prior to Scaffolder or Advanced Scaffolder card renewal.

CPD is an issue which has been discussed at length within the sector for over 10 years. Following correspondence with the HSE in 2015 urging CISRS to introduce CPD, as the scheme had been in existence for over 40 years without a formal route, it was agreed that the introduction of CPD would ensure that cardholders were kept up to date with the latest legislation and industry guidance.

“We are aware that good employers strive to keep their workforce up to speed with changes within the industry, but this is not always the case. With a transient workforce and no formal programme for achieving this we cannot be sure exactly what information has been passed onto whom.

“The basic principle of CPD and/or refresher training is a good one. However, we are all too aware that this comes at a cost not only for the training itself, but also loss of production etc. As such we are looking to ensure that the course provides the most gain for the least pain and offers the scaffolder and their employer some real value added training,” said Dave Mosley, CISRS Scheme Manager.

The working group began to put together a “wish list” of topics which they felt should be included within a CPD course aiming to focus on essential areas. Full details will be confirmed later in the year, but it is proposed that CISRS CPD Course Content will cover:

* SG4:15 – Inclusive of SG19 and harness training.

* TG20:13 – Inclusive of masonry anchors.

* General scaffolding knowledge testing.

* RAMS. * SG6 – Manual handling, inclusive of ropes and wheels and knots.

* MATS. * Scaffold inspection.

* Trends in accidents and reporting accidents.

* Part Two re-cap.

* Impact wrenches.

Scaffolding image* Vehicles.

* Communication – Inclusive of scaffolder responsibilities and behaviour.

* Edge protection and roof works.

* Drugs and alcohol.

* PPE – Responsibilities of employer.

* Incomplete scaffolds – Inclusive of signage and access.

* System scaffold awareness.

* Protection of the public.

CISRS are also looking to include a Health & Safety test within the 2-day course which would then be accepted as a recognised exemption to the current Health and Safety and Environment Test (H&S&E). As such the scaffolder would not have to lose additional time undertaking the H&S&E test on another working day.

The courses will be delivered by CISRS Accredited training providers. The majority of the course content will be the same for both Scaffolders and Advanced Scaffolders – with the main difference being the scaffold structures used for the practical inspection sessions.

Dave Mosley added: “Now the basic principle has been agreed we will be working to fine tune the content. We really feel that the introduction of CPD is right for the scheme and the industry. We realise that this is a big change for the sector and as such we are giving everyone plenty of notice before this goes live, we want all scaffolders and employers to be aware that CPD is coming.”

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